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14 Must-Have Getting Ready Photos

The morning of your wedding will be one of the most exciting, fun, and anxiously awaited mornings of your life! The getting ready portion is an essential part of your wedding story, and it will be filled with beautiful moments and memories you will want to capture and remember forever. For more help on navigating the getting ready portion of your day check out The Expert Guide to Getting Ready.

However, it can feel overwhelming to add another item to your wedding “to-do” list, so I’ve curated a list of 15 must-have getting ready photos for your wedding day to help you! To ensure you capture every special moment of your wedding morning, talk with your photographer beforehand (and send them this list!) to let them know of any shots you absolutely want on your wedding morning.

1. Wedding Dress

Before putting the beautiful wedding dress on, snap a picture of it– hanging up or sitting out– ready and waiting to be slipped on.

2. The Bride’s Getting Ready Outfit

Whatever you are dressed in, whether it’s a pair of cute and comfy PJs or a beautiful silk robe, make sure you get a few snapshots in it!

3. The Bridesmaid’s Getting Ready Outfits

Have your photographer capture a couple of photos of you and your girls in your robes/getting ready outfits. Take a few pictures of the bridesmaids getting all glammed up as well!

4. Capture Candids

Just as the posed pictures will be priceless to you, so will the candids. Be sure to get some candid moments with your bridesmaids—helping you touch up your makeup, or laughing together, you will absolutely love having these!

5. Moments Alone

Make sure you take some time to reflect on the journey getting to this day, review your wedding vows, or read a love letter from your soon-to-be spouse. Commemorate these sweet moments with a photo.

6. Your Wedding Day Accessories

Have your photographer arrange your day-of accessories on a bed or table (or another neutral backdrop), for an aesthetically pleasing photo.

7. Mirror Shots

Make sure you get a couple of professional photos of you looking into the mirror and seeing yourself as a beautiful bride for the first time.

8. Sliding into the Dress

This is one of the most iconic getting ready shots! Have your maid-of-honor (or mother if applicable) help you into your dress, and have your photographer capture every moment of it.

9. Special Moments with Your Main Ladies

Your photographer should snap several photos of anyone in the room helping you prep for the big day: maid of honor, bridesmaids, matron of honor, flower girls, etc… Other photo ideas with your ladies– giving hugs, well-wishes, crying, deep breathing or group prayer prior to the ceremony.

10. Getting Glammed Up

This is my personal favorite getting ready photo op! Have your photographer capture lots of photos of you getting your makeup and hair done, and any final touches before you leave the room.

11. Any sentimental Details or Finishing Touches

If you have “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, be sure to tell your photographer so they can take a few snapshots of these items. Additionally, any finishing touches (like putting jewelry on or slipping into your shoes) should be captured as well.

12. Moments with Mom

Of all the shots you take on your wedding day morning, this one might become the most special to you. If you are unable to have your mother present for any reason, consider taking a few shots with your grandma, matron of honor, dad, or whoever is helping you on your big day.

13. Putting on or Adjusting the Veil

If you decide to wear a veil on your wedding day, opt for a photo of you putting it on or having it fixed/adjusted while standing by a window for a gorgeously lit, memorable shot.

14. Groom Getting Ready

Unless he is opposed to it, you’ll definitely want to have a few snapshots of the groom getting ready too! Get your photographer to grab some of him and his groomsmen, him adjusting his tie, reading your love letter, or psyching himself up before the big moment.

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