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Let's Chat!

I'm so freaking excited to hear from you and all about your next big adventure, you have no idea!

  • How long does it take to receieve my gallery?
    Normally it takes me 4 weeks to delievery a gallery. Weddings take a longer, you will recieve them 6 weeks after your wedding day!
  • Do you travel outside of Idaho?
    Yes! Where ever you are is where I want to be!
  • What is your travel fee?
    Travel fees are pretty simple, if it is within driving distance, the travel fee is the tank of gas to get me there, one way! If the location is not within driving distance, it's just the price of airfare!
  • What time of day do you shoot?
    Golden hour to sunset! It just makes everything to warm and dreamy! Of course I am always willing to accomidate what best fits your schedule. So if that means we are shooting sunrise, then we ride at dawn!
  • What's it like shooting with you?
    Car rides, snacks, lots of laughs, and maybe even some tears. My clients are like friends that I haven't seen in a long time, we hit the surface level conversations, then quickly dive into the stuff that makes us, us. When we shoot, we maintain that level of confort and familiarity. Expect to laugh A LOT, frolic in the wind, then slow things down and get intimate. Who knows, we might even get a little spicy. My goal is to capture you and your person in the most authentic way. You should expect to leave or session feeling full and full of love.
  • How do I receieve my gallery?
    You will receieve you gallery through an online delivery platform called pic-time. Pic-time allows me to send high-quality resoultion so you can download whenever you want! You are also given full printing rights! Pic-time has made it easy for your to purchase a full album, canvas, and frames!
  • Do you help us with our outfits?
    I GOT YOU BOO!! Sometimes that can be the hardest thing. But have no fear I have a full guide that will help you choose the perfect outfit for your session.

I want your day to be perfect.

I am here for YOU! Trust me, whatever it is, I've got you. From making a bridal veil on the road to the Teton's to  hyping you up. I am your girl. I like to think I am your soul sister. So what do you say, lets make this a thing and get groovy?

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